Scariest Things Trump Has Ever Said

Trump suggests that every network except Fox News is "dishonest" and "corrupt," and journalists aren't having it.

President Donald Trump has a new idea for a reality competition involving journalism, and reactions have ranged from savage mockery to solemn statements about the First Amendment.

The media-bashing POTUS tweeted on Monday morning that all the major news networks, along with his favorite cable news nemesis CNN, should be judged on how "dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted" their coverage of him has been. Trump-friendly Fox News would be allowed to sit out this "contest" entirely, while the worst offender would be given a "Fake News Trophy."

(The President did not offer details on whether the contest would be determined by himself alone or if his allies at Fox News and Brietbart would participate in the judging process.)

This is the latest in a never-ending feud between Trump and the media. Since his election in November 2016, Trump has branded any negative news coverage of himself as "fake news," called the media "the enemy of the American people," and even suggested that networks critical of his presidency should have their licenses revoked.

Many critics reacted to the tweet with mockery -- in particular, to Trump declaring himself "your favorite President" for the second time in a little over a week. "That's a tad presumptuous, no?" tweeted actor Elijah Wood.

Meanwhile, journalists (especially those from CNN) who are required by profession to take all of the president's tweets seriously warned against the continuing threat to freedom of speech. "Lest we forget: American presidents normally STAND UP for press freedom around the world," CNN's Brian Stelter remarked.

Here's how more media figures reacted to Trump's latest hit on their profession:

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