Cheating, Walks of Shame and Strip Clubs: Kylie Jenner Plays 'Never Have I Ever'
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Whose made out with a stranger? And which of them is the only one who's never been in a helicopter?

Kylie Jenner took a break from makeup tutorials on YouTube to get in the holiday spirit with her friends Jordyn Woods and Victoria Villarroel, putting on ugly Christmas sweaters and playing a game of "Never Have I Ever."

Sorry, but "Never Have I Ever Gotten Pregnant" was not one of the topics, though it might be telling that the girls sipped tea instead of alcohol.

Though Jenner has yet to confirm she's expecting, some fans in the comments thought her face looked fuller than usual as she sipped hot tea from a glass mug and quizzed her friends on whether they'd ever cheated.

"I cheat life all the time," Jordyn quipped, as none of them took a sip -- but they all had to drink for "Never have I ever lied to my partner."

Jordyn then admitted to dating more than one person at a time, while Kylie and Jordyn copped to spending money at a strip club. But the other girls weren't having it when Kylie acted like she'd never done a Walk of Shame before.

"You haven't done the Walk of Shame, but you have done the Get-in-the-Car, Ride of Shame," Victoria said.

"I've seen you do the Walk of Shame," Jordyn added, "so don't even act like you've never done the Walk of Shame."

Things got a bit shady with "Never have I ever kissed in the rain." "I don't know if I have," Jordyn said, giving Kylie a look and making Victoria crack up. "Next question?" Kylie replied. (You might remember that Kylie kissed PartyNextDoor in the rain in his music video for "Come and See Me.")

You have to feel sorry for Victoria at "Never have I ever ridden in a helicopter," though. "What? I haven't," she pouted as her two high-roller friends sipped.

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