Mädchen Amick Totally Down for More 'Twin Peaks' -- Here's What She'd Like to See Happen (Exclusive)
"Twin Peaks" Cast -- Then & Now

Amick tells TooFab: "I think that it could just continue to explore these different portals and these different dimensions."

"Twin Peaks: The Return" left viewers with more questions than answers and star Mädchen Amick hopes the show gets more time to explore some of those unexplained cliffhangers.

"I will always agree to play Shelly Johnson again," she told TooFab when asked if she'd come back for more, "that's a definite yes!"

In the finale to Showtime's 2017 revival, Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) traveled back in time to stop Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) from being murdered. But by seemingly preventing the killing that served as catalyst for the original series, he also sent everything into disarray. The show flashed forward 25 years, where Coop found Laura living in Odessa, Texas, going by the name "Carrie Page." She claimed to have no recollection of her previous -- or alternate? -- life.

In the series last moments, the two returned to the town of Twin Peaks and found a woman living in Laura's old home who had no clue who she was either. The lights of the house went out and "Carrie" heard someone -- likely mom Sarah Palmer -- saying "Lauraaaaaaa." The show ended with another of Sheryl Lee's bloodcurdling screams as Coop asked what year it was.

"The ending I was surprised by, because I feel like there was some closure and yet even more of an opening," Amick explained. "I think, you know the echoing of Laura Palmer, hearing the voice and even though she's from another dimension there's still a connection there and their worlds collided, so I think it definitely leaves room that we could continue to explore it. It didn't close it up with a nice little bow, which David Lynch never does."

"Now that we've gone down this path where Laura Palmer didn't die, I think that it could just continue to explore these different portals and these different dimensions," Amick said of what she'd like to see if the show were to return. "We could have a whole new season that explores where people are now and what was the town like and what were these characters like without this big event that happened when this evil spirit came through. There's a lot of possibilities."

Lynch himself previously entertained the idea of another season, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I've learned never say never."

Of the open-ended ending, he added, "I always say that there should be some room to dream."

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