These 'Walking Dead' Candids Prove It's Not All Blood and Brutal Deaths on Set

"Red Machete" tells the backstory of the titular weapon and all those who've wielded it before Rick got his hands on it.

For two months now, hardcore "Walking Dead" fans have been following the journey of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) favorite "Red Machete" in AMC's "TWD" web series. This week, the story finally connected with the main narrative, as a character from the parent show made an appearance.

The third episode, entitled "Made to Suffer," saw the machete make its way into the torso of a zombie, who carried it with her all the way until she was dispatched by the leader of the Claimers, portrayed once again by Jeff Kober. Kober was last seen with the Claimers in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead."

Rick famously used the machete with the wrapped red handle to take out Gareth (Andrew J. West) at Terminus a few seasons back, as well as lots of walkers and other notable deserving people. This season, AMC decided to treat fans with the story of the weapon itself, from its inauspicious beginnings on a hardware shelf to its home in Rick's hands.

With two episodes left in the web series, there's a good chance we'll see other familiar faces as Joe (Kober) takes it back to his people and it moves ever closer to being claimed by Rick.

The web series began toward the beginning of the zombie outbreak, as a family of survivors took ownership of the machete. Through their time with it, we saw how they learned to harden themselves to the realities of this world, even as it tore them apart.

The second episode saw the family decimated down to its final member by the undead menace, before an all-too human nemesis took the machete from their possession.

New installments of "The Walking Dead: Red Machete" are available through AMC's YouTube channel on a monthly basis.

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