Hollywood Reacts as Keaton Jones Heartbreaking Story Takes a Messy, Dark Turn
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"There’s potential for a great, teachable moment here," says ESPN's Jemele Hill.

Keaton Jones became a top Twitter trend over the weekend after a video of him talking about being bullied went viral. The young boy quickly racked up responses on social media from major stars, including Chris Evans, who invited him to the premiere of "Avengers: Infinity War." But on Monday morning, the story took a surprising left turn.

Alleged photos and comments from the boy's mother started making the rounds on social media. In them, she and the family proudly pose with a Confederate flag, a source of intense debate as many view it as a symbol of racism. As a result, Keaton, his family and stars reaching out a friendly hand are all facing backlash.

Keaton's sister Laykn has been tweeting about some of the backlash this morning, writing, "My mother is not in anyway a racist. I can assure you of that. She is just a strong southern woman." She added: "I can assure you that my family is not anyway racist!"

Since the latest developments, the narrative has changed a bit on Twitter -- here's what Hollywood is saying.

John Mayer also posted a lengthy thread about the issue and how it reflects society in 2017:

Below are the stars who previously supported Keaton, before the latest allegations came to light:

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