Black Hood Revealed on 'Riverdale' Finale, But Twitter Is Way More Shook About That Kiss
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"And with that single kiss, the twitterverse exploded into a million pieces," series star Camila Mendes tweeted.

The fall finale of "Riverdale," gave fans some closure on the Black Hood serial killer storyline, but that's not what got fans of the show worked up on Twitter. It was the kiss that shook fandom, and twisted the love triangle knot a little tighter.

The actual reveal of who the Black Hood was turned out to be kind of lame, so we can't really blame the show's fans for getting way more invested in that other moment. Spoiler warning: it was the janitor. Yup, the worst possible candidate for his identity turned out to be the guy.

It was explained that years ago he had accidentally identified the wrong man as the Riverdale Reaper, sentencing him to death by local gang. So that means he now must kill sinners to atone ... or something? Betty (Lili Reinhart) came up with the best theory, but it still doesn't hold together very well.

No wonder no one really cared. They were too busy fighting over who to 'ship, especially after Betty abruptly kissed Archie (KJ Apa) just as they were going to try and dig up their janitor (Wait ... what? Things got weird this week, guys).

Back to Betty. How dare she? Wait, no. Hooray, she did it? Wait, no. Veronica (Camila Mendes) kissed him under the mistletoe. So ... Veronica and Archie forever? Barchie forever ... never?

It was the kiss that broke Riverdale fandom, and they stormed Twitter to try and process their feelings, where they found the cast tweeting right along with them.

Here are some of the best responses:

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