Trevor Noah Perfectly Explains Why 'Republicans Can't Fix Obamacare'
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The "Daily Show" host understands the power of branding in politics and how it can backfire spectacularly.

Trevor Noah summed up on "The Daily Show" Monday why Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, is doomed.

And it's not because it can't be improved. The comedian used it as an example of how important branding has become in politics, and why Republicans branding it as Obamacare set the government up for failure.

"That's probably the most fun thing about American politics for me is that half of it is branding, that's all it is," Noah said. "The Republicans can't fix Obamacare because they named it Obamacare because if they fix it than Obamacare works and they can't have Obamacare work, but it's not really Obamacare, it's the Affordable Care Act. They named it Obamacare because they knew the voters would hear 'black medicine' and they wouldn't want that."

"What they didn't realize is that black medicine can cure white cancer, so now they're in a sticky situation," he added.

But now that Obama is out of office and enjoying life as a civilian, the late-night host admitted that while he often wakes up terrified under America's new leadership, he's not sweating it too much because Donald Trump's behavior is at least making him laugh.

"This was a crazy year, 2017. Sexual harassment, Russians, Russians sexually harassing the election, something like that," Noah said.

Noah also joked that with all of the allegations surrounding Trump, he could be out before we know it.

"I'm not even saying like Robert Mueller and his investigations, I don't know where that will go. I'm just saying I don't think we should be shocked if Donald Trump quits," he said. "He'd walk out and be like, 'I'm done. Unlike most presidents, I did it in half the time folks. So much faster!'"

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