'Hey Hey Hey,' Katy Perry Gets Decapitated in Extravagant New Music Video
47 of Katy Perry's Most Outrageous Looks

Singer takes on dual roles before she's put to death.

Katy Perry loses her head in her new "Hey Hey Hey" music video.

The pop star portrays a Marie Antoinette-type aristocrat dreaming of being more like Joan of Arc while being courted by an obnoxious king. But when she stands up for herself, she gets the guillotine.

Like most of Perry's previous videos, it's very colorful and doesn't take itself too seriously. Whether the silliness matches the tone of the song is entirely up to you.

"Hey Hey Hey" is the fourth single off of Perry's fifth studio album, "Witness," which also included tracks "Chained to the Rhythm," "Bon Appétit," "Swish Swish."

Nicki Minaj showed up to save Perry's "Swish Swish" video, and we kinda wish she made an appearance here, too.

At least there are some cool special effects, like a talking severed head, and some pretty fantastic costumes.

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