Eric Trump's 'Deep State' Ellen DeGeneres Conspiracy Theory Cracks Up Twitter
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"They weren't showing you people from 'deep state,' they were showing you people that this country likes more than your dad," one person responds.

Eric Trump is very concerned about the "deep state," and he may even think Ellen DeGeneres is a part of it.

The president's second son seemingly came to this conclusion Tuesday evening with a single tweet after he took a look at Twitter's suggestions for who he should follow. Taking a screenshot, the top two suggestions were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The third name was Ellen DeGeneres.

It's unclear if Eric intended to include everyone's favorite daytime talk show host in his "evidence," as the words he used to accompany the image were rather cryptic themselves. "Shocking... once again, here are the Twitter suggestions of who I should follow," he tweeted, followed by the hashtag, "#DeepState."

Donald Trump has been railing against a perceived "deep state" within the government that is working to undermine him and delegitimize his presidency. Eric's perceived inclusion of Ellen in this vast conspiracy took Twitter by storm.

Here are some of the best responses for your amusement:

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