Women of 'The View' -- Then & Now

"I think he is losing it," says Joy Behar.

Donald Trump and his big button were the talk of "The View" on Wednesday, as the panel debated whether the president is mentally fit to hold office.

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin and guest co-host Yara Shahidi ("Black-ish," "Grown-ish") kicked off the show by immediately addressing POTUS' tweet regarding North Korea. "North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the 'Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times,'" he tweeted Tuesday night. "Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!"

"Is this kind of a crazy game he's playing?" asked Goldberg.

"Trump needs to be medicated and hospitalized at this point or he is just going to kill all of us," said a concerned Behar. "My feeling is probably they're getting closer to him in the Mueller investigation and that's what this is about, a lot of it. He'll blow the whole world up so his stupid sons don't have to go to jail."

Though Hostin wondered if Trump had a secret "strategy" going on behind the scenes, she said "we really are in trouble" if he's "just playing a game of chicken with a dictator." She then brought up the 25th Amendment, asking if there is a "mental fitness" problem in regards to the president.

"Not to bring too much levity to this, but when I first read the tweets last night, I was like, 'This is an intensely phallic thing to say,'" said McCain. "This seems to be about whose is bigger in what context or another, which is why Nikki Haley needs to run for president, we need to have a woman one way or the other taking over."

When McCain then pointed out the checks and balances Trump has to go through to initiate a nuclear attack, Behar said that only solves only half the problem. "We may have those checks and balances here, but he's dealing with a mentally unstable opponent who does not have those checks and balances, as far as I can tell," she said. "Why play this provocative game back and forth with someone who's almost as crazy as Trump, maybe more?"

McCain then asked if Behar wanted Trump impeached "right this second." "I want him out of office," she replied. "I don't trust anything this man says, which is why I don't want him tweeting about Iran or anything else," she added later in the discussion. "I think he is losing it. He says irrational things all the time and for me, he has to go out of office, period."

After talk turned to his replacement, Vice President Mike Pence, Behar said she'd prefer him for one reason. "His personality, his policy, suck," she said, "but I do not believe Mike Pence will be re-elected."

Hostin added she'd be "comfortable" with McCain's father, John McCain, having control of the button -- while Shahidi said she didn't know if she could choose "anyone" who she thought was good for the job. For the 17-year-old, she said she's focused on midterm elections and getting those into office who can "represent us on a local level" first.

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