Here's Some of the Gnarliest Footage of Bomb Cyclone 2018
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As the East Coast hunkers down for what might be the worst U.S. blizzard in eight years, they're also recording the craziness ensuing outdoors.

The start of 2018 for the East Coast has been off to a rough -- and very cold -- start.

A nasty bombogenesis storm, or "Bomb Cyclone," began sweeping across a large swath of the eastern seaboard Wednesday night, following one of the coldest holiday seasons on record. Almost the entire East Coast was put under a winter storm watch or warning, and by Thursday, many coastal areas in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions were experiencing the harshest of conditions.

While most are trying to stay warm inside, they're also whipping out their iPhones to record the wicked weather.

Below are some of the gnarliest photos and footage (so far):

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