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McCain says giving Wolff so much White House access was "suicide and insanity."

The explosive allegations from Michael Wolff's upcoming tell-all, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," blew up on "The View" this morning.

The book was the hot topic of the day, as the panel discussed excerpts that were published by New York Magazine and The Guardian. The tell-all features plenty of bombshells about the Trump administration, including a passage saying POTUS agreed to do an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity because he was "willing to supply the questions beforehand."

Though Hannity denies the charge -- saying in a statement, "I never provided questions ahead of time to President Trump" -- that didn't stop Joy Behar from ripping into him on Thursdays's show.

"Let's discuss Sean Hannity for a second," she said. "My thought is, he is the one that would give Trump the questions ahead of time. How much Kool-Aid has Sean Hannity drunk before he drowned?"

"You just gave Sean Hannity his clip tonight," Meghan McCain interjected, "I don't care about Sean Hannity." When Behar interrupted, adding, "He's a collaborator," McCain shot back, "Can I finish my thought now?"

For Meghan, the bigger issue was Trump and his administration giving a journalist so much access in the first place.

"That there's just journalists running rampant that no one knows about doing off the record and on the record interviews, there are national security secrets that are possibly being said that journalists have all access to at all time, its insanity and I think it's a national security risk," she explained.

"Giving [Michael Wolff] the kind of access, when he is shadowing the president, talking to the top staffers for 18 months, is not only unprecedented, but it is suicide and insanity," she said earlier in the show. "The only thing that I can come up with right now is that Steve Bannon is trying to take Trump out from the inside ... I don't understand it, it is beyond my comprehension,"

"The View" wasn't the only show reacting to the book and the fallout between Trump and Steve Bannon over it -- see how late night chimed in below:

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