Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria Shade E! to Ryan Seacrest's Face at Golden Globes
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"We stand with you, Catt," Longoria tells Seacrest on Sunday's Golden Globes red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria each called out E! News over its gender pay disparity Sunday night at the Golden Globes -- right to network red carpet correspondent Ryan Seacrest's face.

It was during each of their respective red carpet interviews with Seacrest that Parker and Longoria decided to call out the network for the massive disparity in pay former host Catt Sadler said she earned in comparison to her male co-host, Jason Kennedy.

"I'm incredibly excited," the "Sex and the City" star told Seacrest of the #TimesUp movement. "I'm impressed by the work that's being done. I know you've spoken to a lot of my sisters tonight who have been in the trenches. I think it's an enormous show of support tonight. I think it speaks to the appetite, to the climate that exists, that this is a a conversation that, as complicated as it is, it seems to be welcomed by everybody."

"I know it's affected your network," Parker continued, putting both her hands on Seacrest's shoulders. "I know that there have been conversations that have been challenging for all of us, but I think it's incredibly timely. It's exciting. And parity and equality and safe work environments -- they shouldn't be controversial."

Longoria later added during her interview, "We're also here for #TimesUp. We support gender equity and equal pay. We hope that E! follows that lead with Catt as well. We stand with you, Catt."

The ladies' subtle digs came after Twitter applauded "Will & Grace" star Debra Messing for being the first actress to call out E! -- on E! -- while talking to Giuliana Rancic.

Like many of the stars on Sunday's red carpet, Parker and Longoria wore all black as part of the #TimesUp campaign. The massive initiative -- made up of over 300 actresses, agents and other Hollywood players -- calls for "change from women in entertainment for women everywhere."

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