6 Times Twitter Freaked Out During the Golden Globes
Golden Globe Awards 2018: Every Must-See Look from the Red Carpet

There was a lot to love about this year's Golden Globes, but of course Twitter still had its fair share of complaints.

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards were incredibly entertaining from start to finish on Sunday night.

From Seth Meyers' hilarious and #MeToo heavy opening monologue to Oprah's incredible speech while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille honorary award for her incredible career, there was a lot to love -- but of course Twitter found a lot to complain about, too.

Viewers called out Elisabeth Moss for some "Handmaids" hypocrisy, applauded Sterling K. Brown's powerful acceptance speech, called out Alexander Skarsgard for not saying enough in his speech, laughed at Tommy Wiseau, and piled on Tonya Harding.

Here are six times Twitter freaked out during the Golden Globes.

Elisabeth Moss' 'Hypocritical' Speech

Scientology critics piled on "hypocritical" Moss after she dedicated her Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama to "The Handmaids Tale" author Margaret Atwood.

"Margaret Atwood this is for you and all of the women who came before you and after you who were brave enough to speak out against intolerance and injustice and to fight for equality and freedom in this world," Moss said. "We no longer live in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. We no longer live in the gaps between the stories. We are story in print, and we are writing the story ourselves. Thank you."

The problem, in many peoples' eyes, is that Moss is part of a religion that is often criticized for silencing women.

The Internet Gives Sterling K. Brown A Standing Ovation

Brown was applauded on Twitter Sunday night after he made a special shoutout to "This Is Us" creator Dan Fogelman for writing a meaningful, essential role for a black man on TV.

"Throughout the majority of my career, I have benefited from colorblind casting, which means, you know what, hey, let's through a brother in this role. Right? It's always really cool," he said. "But Dan Fogelman, you wrote a role for a black man. Like, that could only be played by a black man. And so, what I appreciate so much about this thing is that I am being seen for who I am and being appreciated for who I am. And it makes it that much more difficult to dismiss me or dismiss anybody who looks like me."

Brown won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama, making him the first African-American to win in the category.

No Love for Alexander Skarsgard's Speech

Skarsgard won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie, and thanked Nicole Kidman for the "best experience of his career," rather than mentioning the coordinated #TimesUp campaign that dominated the night on the red carpet and even on stage during the show.

"I am here tonight because I had a privilege of working with a group of extraordinarily talented women. Most of them are in this room tonight," he said. "Our extraordinary cast, we're all here. Especially Nicole. Hi. Not that you're, like, more talented than the other girls. Especially Nicole because most of my scenes were with Nicole. You guys are amazing. Nicole, I love you. Thank you for making this the greatest experience of my career."

Twitter was so outraged that the actor didn't condemn gender inequality or sexual abuse since his "Big Little Lies" character was a wife beater and a rapist.

James Franco Denies Tommy Wiseau

Although James Franco honored his promise to bring Wiseau as his guest to the Golden Globes, Franco never swore he would let Wiseau speak if he won the Golden Globe for his portrayal of "The Room" writer, director and star.

While Franco was thanking his friends and family for their support in winning best actor in a motion picture, comedy or musical, Wiseau tried to grab the mic from Franco to make a speech of his own.

Unfortunately for everyone watching, Franco didn't allow that potentially super awkward moment to unfold.

Does Nancy Kerrigan Get An Award?

Harding attended the Golden Globes nominee "I, Tonya" chronicled her life, which infamously went downhill after her husband accidentally hired a hit man to whack top competitor Nancy Kerrigan before the Olympics.

After Harding got a round of applause, Twitter started fuming because viewers considered the moment a slap in the face to Kerrigan.

"Imagine telling Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 her story would be nominated for 'best comedy,'" one person tweeted to illustrate their point.

Natalie Portman's Best Director Introduction

Twitter was already outraged that Greta Gerwig wasn't nominated for Best Director since "Lady Bird" had the highest Rotten Tomatoes rating of all time, and Portman didn't hold back when presenting the award for the category.

"And here are the all-male nominees," she said, prompting Twitter to go wild.

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