Photos from Season 1 of Marvel's Runaways

The actress breaks down the finale's biggest twists and turns of Marvel's newest show with TooFab.

The title characters of "Marvel's Runaways" finally lived up to their name in the season finale of the Hulu series, officially going on the run after a showdown against their morally questionable parents.

The 10th episode of the comic adaptation was filled with quite a few reveals and milestone moments, which star Anne Wersching (Leslie Dean) broke down with TooFab. The actress also teased what could come in the just-confirmed second season.

The finale kicked off with a face off between the teens and their parents, who all learn the extent of their children's powers and Gert's relationship with dinosaur Old Lace. Though none of them wanted to harm their own kids, Jonah (Julian McMahon) wasn't as forgiving, blasting them all and challenging Karolina -- a move that ends up ticking off all the parents in the long run.


What was it like filming that confrontation scene, with almost the entire cast together on set?

It was a huge pain in the ass. No, I'm just kidding. We were all so excited for that, we knew it was coming, we knew there would be a big battle scene where we were finally going to get together and the powers would be coming out. But then you get there and you get to the reality of trying to shoot a giant, Marvel-esque battle scene with 16 series regulars, plus Jonah, it's absolutely insane. The show, in general, they're trying to shoot it in 8 days and it really needs 9-10.

It was really fun, but even just like - it sounds so silly - but our side, standing across from their side and seeing the kids with all their powers and seeing Old Lace in action, because that was the first time I got to see her with the puppeteers and stuff, it was really, really exciting. It was night, it was crazy and it was a big, giant, elaborate kind of insane technical shoot, but it was so fun.

Karolina later learns that Jonah is actually her biological father, while Frank decides to join Frank's sinister team. That's one messed up family dynamic.

Frank, Frank! At one point I was saying, 'Poor Frank,' and now I'm saying, 'Oh, Frank!' I think the Dean family is definitely going to look a little different, if and when there's a next season. The back half of Episode 10 sets up where some of the alliances may go next year. Obviously, Frank is not in the dark as much as he was in Season 1. Leslie and Jonah, he was the end-all, be-all for her, and that's obviously the biggest shift, to realize that everything she thought she was doing for the good of the world, her daughter and life was awful and not really worth it. That's huge for her. I think Leslie's going to look quite different next season.


Leslie finds out that Jonah's been keeping secrets with her, namely when it comes to what's really in the giant hole at the drill site. Are you, as Anne, in the know about his full plan or is that still a mystery for you as well?

I know, as Annie the actor, I know a little bit more of what is down there. Leslie obviously doesn't, but she knows more than anybody else does. To learn that he's keeping secrets from her is devastating to her and is going to give her the fuel that she needs to fight back net year and protect what she needs to protect.

In another big reveal, Tina spilled the beans on Leslie's involvement in the murder of Molly's parents. Leslie later confirmed she played a role in Amy's death as well. What was your reaction to those developments?

I was very excited to learn that she tried to warn Amy, I was happy that there was one little redeeming thing that the fans might not want to throw Leslie under a bus. I know the reaction to her being responsible for Molly's parents death was a little bit harsh. She really truly believed that everything she was doing had to be done for the greater good and she's basically Jonah's #1 soldier. Just having that little tiny glimpse of something good that she finally did and she did try to warn Amy -- obviously, we all wish it had worked -- but at least there's a little sliver of good.

We see she's still working with Pride going forward -- because they need her -- but how do you think their dynamic will change now that all the cards are on the table?

I think she's gonna have to do a lot more. At this point, Amy's already gone, so, OK cool, you tried to make it happen but you failed and also you killed Gene and Alice and also you've been working with this guy the whole time. There's way more things against her right now. I think she's going to have a lot to prove next season, to be sure. But, like she says in that one scene, they may want to kill her right now, they may want nothing to do with her, but they need her to get close to Jonah if we want to try to take him down.


The final moments see the Runaways finally living up to their name. Do you see the parents' priority as finding them, or disposing of Jonah first?

I feel like it's going to be a little bit of a combination, where maybe there's a parent or two that are helping them in a way that they don't know they're helping them. At this point, they probably like the fact that the kids are on the run and somehow protected or somehow being kept safe from Jonah. I think it's going to run the gamut. I feel like Leslie, at this point, may believe that they're better off on their own away from the mess they're gonna try to cause in terms of taking down Jonah. She doesn't want Karolina to get caught in any more of the Jonah crossfire, especially have the same powers.

Having seen their powers, they can take care of themselves. At least [the [parents] got to see some of that in action. If they need to protect each other, and themselves, they will. They are a family and they're willing to protect each other and stick together.

Now that the whole season has aired, is there a moment or scene you were most excited for fans to see?

Early on for Leslie, the stuff with the mysterious man, the gross flaky guy. All of that stuff with him, I was always excited for the fans to see that because it was such a WTF moment. Like, what is she doing? Who is that? What is going on? Why are things glowing? Those scenes weren't big, long, huge scenes, but there was such mystery there, I was excited for people to see that part.

I'm excited for people to see those little glimmers of hope that fans can maybe have the benefit of the doubt given to Leslie. I just wanted them to see that she helps them rescue Karolina without them knowing. Those little nuggets, moments that they can maybe see Leslie in a teeny, positive light.

Last, but not least, think we we get some color in Leslie's wardrobe going forward?

I hope not! I absolutely love it. It's just so unique, nobody else has that. I feel like probably there will be some color added, especially if she's not 100% dealing with the church anymore. Unfortunately, she'll probably get some color. You know, it's great for lighting for me, gives me a little bounce. I just think it's really unique and makes her stand apart. It's such a big cast, it makes her stand out a little bit. I dug it!

The full first season of "Marvel's Runaways" is available now on Hulu.