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"The Post" star also talks Oprah presidency and Trump screening her film: "It's a patriotic movie, so maybe he did like it, and he didn't see the parallels."

Jimmy Kimmel asked Meryl Streep about Mariah Carey stealing her seat at the Golden Globes on Sunday and "The Post" star's response was priceless: "Bitch stole my seat."

"I came over and there she was, next to [Steven] Spielberg, sucking up," Streep recalled Monday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." According to actress with nine Golden Globes under her belt, Carey was apologetic and quickly offered to get up, but Streep had a better idea.

"'No, no, no, stay there. I'll sit on your lap,'" Streep said with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips before adding, "'Cause, you know, it looked comfy."

The politically-driven film star also recalled that stirring speech that everyone is still talking about. "Oprah launched her presidential campaign, I think," she said.

She also endorsed Seth Meyers' pick of Tom Hanks as vice president. But when Kimmel suggested they maybe need to stop the Hollywood connections there, Streep figured why not go all out.

"You can have The Rock as the joint chiefs of staff," she laughed. "You could have Harrison Ford running defense."

She also had some thoughts on Donald Trump screening "The Post" at the White House. Streep didn't find out about it until just before coming out, so she seemed uncertain what to think. When asked if she'd heard anything about him seeing it, she replied, "No, but I'm sure I will.

"It's a patriotic movie, so maybe he did like it," Streep mused. "And he didn't see the parallels."

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