Rob Valletta Blames 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast for Scheana Breakup: 'They're Savages'
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He also doesn't deny the cheating allegations during "Watch What Happens Live" interview.

The "Vanderpump Rules" cast is a bunch of "savages," according to Scheana Marie's ex-boyfriend Robert Valletta, who called into Monday's "Watch What Happens Live" to address the rumor that he cheated on Scheana.

"The truth is, it's really hard in her circle of friends," Rob said. "Individually, when they're by themselves, they're really great people, but you put that group of people together and they're savages. They come after you, and it's really hard to have a successful relationship with those people coming and attacking you from all sides."

"Her world is sometimes really hard to feel secure in," he added.

On Monday's episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Kristen Doute and Brittany Cartwright informed Scheana that then-boyfriend Rob made out with a random girl the night of Lisa Vanderpump's Vanderpump Dogs opening party -- but Scheana insisted it was all "f-cking bullshit" because Rob "isn't a kisser."

Scheana continued to defend her ex while speaking to Andy Cohen, who pressed Rob on why he doesn't like to kiss. "I don't like to kiss in public," Rob replied. "There's a difference."

"Still, in private, not the biggest kisser," Scheana interrupted.

"Ehhh, you know..." Rob said, eliciting quite an awkward pause from Andy, followed by a nervous laugh from the audience.

When Andy told Scheana that 85 percent of the viewers who voted said they thought Rob cheated, Scheana replied, "Well, 85 percent of the people don't know the man I was dating."

Rob, for his part, did not actually address the allegation.

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