'The View' Rips Ivanka Trump's Oprah Winfrey Support as 'Clueless' and 'Tone Deaf'
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"I think she's clueless because she seems to be in denial about her father," says Joy Behar.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain found common ground Tuesday on The View, once again proving the Trumps can heal division in America -- as long as the divided become united over bashing the first family.

The panelists on the ABC daytime talk show agreed Ivanka Trump's support for Oprah Winfrey's powerful Golden Globes speech didn't do her any favors.

"Just saw Oprah's empowering and inspiring speech at last night's #GoldenGlobes," Ivanka tweeted Monday night. "Let's all come together, women and men, and say #TIMESUP! #United."

Her message quickly started getting serious backlash online and left many puzzled, as the speech was critical of President Donald Trump and his administration. Others pointed out the irony of Ivanka's support of the Times's Up campaign, given that her father has been accused of sexual harassment and assault over a dozen times.

"I think the word you're looking for here is clueless," Joy Behar said on Tuesday's show. "I think she's clueless because she seems to be in denial about her father, like this #MeToo thing is about other guys, not daddy. She's very much devoted to her father and she has to be."

Guest co-host Ashley Graham said it seemed like Ivanka "wants the privilege of daddy but she also wants to let women know, 'I'm here for you, we're in this together,' but its really not showing through."

Sunny Hostin wondered if it was possible to be both a feminist and Trump's daughter. "What if she just doesn't believe [his accusers] and is someone who wants women to be empowered?" she asked. "Why believe this one and not that one though, where's the logic in that one? There is none," replied Behar.

McCain called the whole thing "a bit tone deaf," saying she would never throw support behind someone who criticized her own father, John McCain.

"If you have tweeted one nasty, semi sarcastic thing about my father nine years ago, I remembered and you're in a file and we're not gonna hang out," she explained. "Normally in political families, it's really mafia style. So the thing I don't understand is there's a lot of not-so-veiled comments about President Trump, corruption. Oprah talked about tyrants, victims, about the press being under siege, these are all hits at President Trump."

"If you're going on TV and making a speech that takes hits at my father, there's no way I would be tweeting any kind of accolades for what you had to say," she continued. "That's the part I don't understand." McCain added that Ivanka "sort of seems to play both sides," perhaps in an attempt to feel "welcomed in these New York liberal elite circles" she's in.

Ivanka's support also didn't make sense to Meghan from a political standpoint.

"Oprah seems to be seen by may people in the mainstream media as a really formidable candidate," she said. "This is a woman who could be running against your dad, you're gonna be in the nitty gritty of another campaign and you're already supporting this? It's just stupid politics on top of everything else."

"What do you do if you know you're in a poop storm with your father and he's not listening to you and he know he doesn't care?" asked Whoopi Goldberg, who said she was "willing to believe Oprah's thing did move her."

"Maybe she just liked the damn speech," she added.

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