'90s Scandal Stars: Where Are They Now?

"She's lied so much she doesn't know what isn't a lie anymore," Harding's mother says of her daughter.

Allison Janney picked up a Golden Globe Award for her performance as Tonya Harding's mother in "I, Tonya," but the real LaVona "Sandy" Golden has a few issues with her characterization in the film.

While it's unclear whether Sandy has seen the Margot Robbie movie, which was based in part on interviews screenwriter Steven Rogers did with Harding and Jeff Gillooly, she disputed some of the events recreated on screen while speaking to ABC.

At one point in the movie, the two are seen fighting over her relationship with Gillooly, when Golden picks up a knife and throws it at her daughter. "I was about 10 feet from her, it was a steak knife," Harding told ABC. In the film, the knife lodged into her forearm.

"Why would I throw a steak knife at anybody?" Golden said. "She's lied so much she doesn't know what isn't a lie anymore."

But the knife-throwing incident isn't the only thing Harding's said that her mother disagrees with.

  • Of Tonya's claims that she was beaten on a regular basis, Golding said, "I didn't abuse any of my children. Spanked? Yes, [I] spanked. Absolutely, positively you [have] got to show them right from wrong."

  • After hearing Tonya called the family "trailer trash," Golden responded saying, "We were never trailer trash. We had a beautiful new trailer. We didn't live in filth or dirt or anything that I would call unusual."

  • Harding also claimed her mother "beat me with a hairbrush" in an ice rink bathroom. "I spanked her once with a hairbrush at a competition," said LaVona.

The two are, understandably, estranged and Harding made it pretty clear she has no plans to see her mother anytime soon.

"I don't want her anywhere near me. I don't want her anywhere near my son," Harding told ABC. "She wants forgiveness. She wants to see me. She wants to make amends. She wants to meet and be part of the family. Hell no."

"Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story" airs Thursday at 9pm on ABC.

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