Hugh Jackman Shares Real Story Behind His Shirtless Paparazzi Pics
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"I have a thing with the paparazzi. It's weird," the actor says.

Hugh Jackman's shirtless paparazzi photos are staged -- but for good reason.

While a number of hot celebrities set up paparazzi photo shoots to get attention, the "Greatest Showman" star told Ellen DeGeneres on her show Monday he does it to avoid attention.

"I have a thing with the paparazzi. It's weird," Jackman said. "Down in Australia they'll come to me because they all know me at this point and I'll say, 'OK. What do you need guys?' And the main guy there, Shane goes, 'Well, we need ya at the Bondi shirt off.' And I say, 'Alright, tomorrow morning 8 o'clock.'"

Jackman continued to explain that it is "embarrassing" when all of the Australian photographers show up, but it's a nice deal because they leave him alone as soon as they get their shot.

"They leave you alone the rest of the time? That's fantastic," Ellen said. "That's great. They should do that here. They don't do that here."

"It's very civilized down there in that way," Jackman responded. "Or maybe because they all want two weeks off."

With that being said, the muscular 49-year-old actor also said he felt bad for the paparazzi because they missed out on snapping photos of him going to the gym with Zac Efron the day before.

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