Tom Hardy Has Nothing to Be Ashamed of as 1999 Rap Mixtape Surfaces Online
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The 18-track mixtape, "Falling on Your Arse in 1999," features a young Hardy writing and performing his own lyrics.

We may have never gotten Tom Hardy, the critically-acclaimed actor of "The Revenant" and "Mad Max: Fury Road," if Tommy No 1 had gotten his chance to shine. Now, thanks to his one-time partner, Eddie Too Tall, Hardy's potential rap career has been unearthed.

And we're not talking about a snippet of Hardy rapping -- because we've already seen that -- but rather a full-blown unreleased mixtape album.

Dubbed "Falling on Your Arse in 1999," the album is 18 tracks of the kind of juicy hip-hop freshness you'd totally expect to hear from two kids recording an album "in a bedroom" at the turn of the century. And while Hardy falls on his arse plenty of times throughout this effort, from slipping behind the beat to garbling his words, there is genuine potential in his lyrical flow.

The album is available in its entirety for Hardy's fans to enjoy at, with a note that it was "made in a bedroom 1999" and that the tracks "were never really finished." Tom Hardy is credited with writing and performing the lyrics, with Ed Tracy as music producer.

Tracy AKA Eddie Too Tall released the album under his Too Tall Productions banner. The album is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, but the real questions are if we will get a bona fide single release (our money is on "I Like to Go Out"), if Tom Hardy would appear in the music video, and when we can see him rapping this or new material live and in concert?

Give him a listen above, and Tom, just tell us when and where and we'll go get in line right now!

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