Aaron Carter Previews EP About 'Heartbreak' and Dishes on Why He Regrets Ever Supporting Trump
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"I stopped that real quick," the singer tells TooFab of tweeting brief support for the president.

It was all smiles for Aaron Carter as he walked into Studio TooFab this week, ready to leave "a crazy" 2017 behind him.

"2018's a great year," he said. "I'm excited for it."

Following stints in rehab, the loss of his father, relationship woes and PTSD, Aaron says the year ahead is all about focusing on the one thing that's been a constant in his otherwise chaotic life: his music.

The now 30-year-old just released a new EP -- which he co-produced and co-wrote -- and will kick off phase one of his Love Tour next month in New Jersey.

"Music is the nucleus, the radius, of my life," he said. "My whole life revolves around making music and that also being my profession, so there's ups, there's downs, there's highs and lows."

The EP, he said, is "very real" and relates to people "going through heartbreak."

But that pain has subsided, and Aaron is currently single. So ladies -- and gentlemen -- now's your chance.

In August of last year, Aaron came out as bisexual, and he said the response from his LGBTQ fans has been "overwhelming."

"I'm glad to see the support with me being able to have an attraction for both sexes," he said. "But at the same time, I'm keeping a lot of my personal stuff more personal [now]."

Although Aaron and older brother Nick Carter have had a bit of a tumultuous relationship, Aaron says they're on good terms.

"We're brothers -- sometimes we fight, sometimes we love each other," he said. "Whatever it is, whether you're dealing with vices or you're dealing with relationship stuff, I would just say really positive thinking, getting out there and surrounding yourself with good people -- family members. Family's very important."

Aaron said he doesn't regret too much of his past because it's shaped him into the man he is today, but there is one thing he wishes he never did -- and that's having one time endorsed President Donald Trump.

"I stopped that real quick," he said. "Very quick, do you hear me? I think when he started talking about building a wall -- that was something that kind of threw me off a little bit. Just his mannerisms, certain things. There was a lot. I tweeted that, I said I was gonna support him, and my fan base was very quick to educate me on why that was a very bad decision. And I agreed with them."

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