'Star Wars' Director Finally Explains How Luke Skywalker Pulled Off That Insane 'Last Jedi' Mind Trick
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Spoilers, obviously.

Angry "Star Wars" fans have made it clear they have a lot of issues with "The Last Jedi," and many were particularly baffled with Luke Skywalker's sudden ability to use The Force to mentally project his body on an entirely different planet for that exciting climax.

How? Why? We've never seen this before! Well, if you've been wondering about that impressive, seemingly unheard of Jedi mind trick -- get ready for writer-director Rian Johnson to blow your mind, and maybe shut up some of the haters.

Johnson turned to official Jedi textbooks to prove that, yes, it was totally reasonable and possible within the rules of the "Star Wars" universe for Skywalker to project his body to trick Kylo Ren into a showdown.

But no matter what, even when you have the official Jedi manual as proof, haters will hate.

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