Teresa Giudice Explodes During 'RHONJ' Reunion: 'You're Lucky I'm on F-cking Probation, Bitch!'
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"You mess with me, bitch, and you go right back to jail!" Kim D. fires back.

It all hit the fan on Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion, after Andy Cohen brought group frenemy Kim DePaola in to stir the pot.

Part 1 of the reunion ended with Teresa Giudice accusing Kim D. of being a "madame," and tonight's episode picked up exactly where we wanted it to.

"You wanna take jabs at my f-cking marriage, I'll f-cking take jabs at you!" Teresa yelled at Kim. "You mess with me, bitch, and you go right back to jail!" Kim fired back. "Clink, clink!"

"How old are you?!" Teresa yelled across the room as she stood up.

"Teresa, don't let her do this," Danielle Staub said. "Teresa, sit," Melissa Gorga added.

"You're lucky I'm on f-cking probation, bitch!" Teresa shouted as she sat back down.

"I'm just glad that she learned how to spell Posche," Kim said. In case you missed it, the two got into it earlier in the season after Kim said Teresa had been "rekindling old flames" while Joe was in prison. That led to Teresa screaming, "You know what Posche stands for?! Piece of Sh-t Cokewhore Homewrecker Everyday!"

The situation ended up driving a wedge in Teresa's friendship with Siggy and Dolores because they chose to participate in Kim's show despite the accusations she made against Teresa.

Andy then asked Teresa if she had any advice for Siggy and Dolores, given that she was once Kim's friend.

"They see her track record," Teresa said. "No, they see your track record," Kim fired back. "You're the one who goes through friends like underwear, honey. I have friends since I was 8 years old. You have no friends!"

Both Teresa and Melissa vocalized their dissatisfaction with the amount of money Kim raised during her show, suggesting she pocketed more than she should have.

"I can't believe I'm defending myself about a fundraiser," Kim said. "That's disgusting."

"Oh, that's disgusting?!" Teresa interrupted. "For you to say the sh-t that you say -- that's not disgusting?! To f-cking ruin families?! That's not disgusting?!"

Melissa composed herself long enough to ask Kim, "Is it fair to say you do like to stir the pot?"

"I don't mind stirring it, no," Kim replied.

"You come for the jugular," Melissa said. "You come for family aspects that are unforgivable."

Meanwhile, Kim's only defense for spreading rumors about Teresa: "Well, I thought that you were seeing somebody."

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