'The View' Mocks Brandi Glanville for Bringing #TimesUp and #MeToo Into Gerard Butler Battle
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"I think she wanted some attention and he wouldn't give it to her," says Whoopi Goldberg.

The women of "The View" weighed in on Brandi Glanville's war of words with Gerard Butler over their one night stand and all agreed on one thing: she should have kept #TimesUp out of it.

After feeling slighted by Butler cringing at her name and claiming he had "no idea" who she was on "Watch What Happens Live" this week, Glanville unloaded on him with an open letter. In it, she wrote that it's "#TimesUp on this kind of behavior" and cited the #MeToo movement as inspiration for speaking out.

"She was really upset," Whoopi Goldberg explained, mocking the situation with a Valley Girl voice. "She used the hashtag #TimesUp. I totally think she was out of line with that. Like, basically, when you have a weekend thing, that's what it is. I don't need to know your last name."

When Joy Behar asked why she used the hashtag in the first place, Goldberg added, "I think she wanted some attention and he wouldn't give it to her."

Like Butler, Behar admitted she didn't "know who she was from Adam," adding she's never watched "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." That being said, she didn't think his comments regarding Brandi were all that "gentlemanly." She added: "When the woman has said she slept with you and then to act like you don't know who she is, that's kind of obnoxious. He should have said, 'Very nice person,' something like that. Just make it up, get through the show, OK?"

Meghan McCain, a "Real Housewives" fan, took issue with the hashtag as well. "The problem is the inclusion of the hashtag #MeToo," she explained. "Having a consensual one night stand where you both enjoy yourselves and say goodbye has nothing to do with sexual assault and we're getting in very dangerous territory when you're using it."

"I don't even understand the connection," said Sunny Hostin. "She doesn't understand it either," joked Behar.

Guest co-host La La Anthony chimed in too, seemingly pro-Butler. "I don't think the requirement if you're sleeping with a guy for a fling or a weekend, it's not a requirement for him to remember your first and last name, for him to remember anything if he doesn't want to," she said. "If you decide you're going to be that casual about it, which is your choice no judgement, then you know what comes with the territory."

"Ladies, just know, if you sleep with a guy on the first night, there's a chance he might now remember your name," she added. "Ladies, I want to add to that: you might not remember his either. Sorry Brandi!" said Whoopi, ending the conversation.

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