Gal Gadot's Gracious Response to 'Wonder Woman' Oscars Snub Will Make You Love Her More
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"I think that you can't have it all," the actress says.

Gal Gadot's response to what many considered an Oscars snub would make Wonder Woman proud.

The first solo female superhero adventure wasn't nominated for anything, even in the technical categories like sound design and editing -- which is where superhero movies traditionally have the best shot at recognition -- but the Israeli actress isn't bitter.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight about "Wonder Woman" being ignored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, she had a gracious response.

"I was very moved and touched by the feedback of all the people that were disappointed that 'Wonder Woman' wasn't nominated," Gadot said. "But we certainly never did the movie for that."

But DC and Warner Bros. are busy on a sequel from director Patty Jenkins, so Gadot is nothing but optimistic.

"I think that you can't have it all," she added. "We've done this movie and it was received in such an amazing, wonderful way, and we want to stay humble and grateful, and we're going to have another movie, so who knows? Maybe the next one!"

We knew "Wonder Woman 2" was pretty much a guarantee even before it dominated the box office two weeks in a row, but now details about the sequal are starting to drizzle out of the mouths of those involved with the blockbuster franchise.

As of now, "Wonder Woman 2" is slated to be released on December 13, 2019. According to reports, the movie will take place in the 1980's during the Cold War, which will put Wonder Woman up against the forces of the Soviet Union.

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