Brie Larson's Surprisingly Green 'Captain Marvel' Costume Divides Fans
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Reactions vary from "god awful" to "I'm so ready for her film!"

A new Marvel superhero is cause for celebration, but the first glimpse at Captain Marvel in action had a split reaction from the fandom.

Brie Larson was spotted on set in Atlanta wearing her costume for the first time on Thursday, but her ensemble definitely wasn't the look most fans of the comics were expecting. Instead of the red, blue and yellow suit Carol Danvers has made popular in the source material, the black and green getup left many wondering what they were looking at.

At this point, it's unclear whether she was filming for her standalone movie, which will be set in the '90s, or "Avengers 4," which supposedly finished filming earlier this month. Both movies are due out in early 2019, with Captain Marvel's movie dropping first in March. Given Brie's very '90s 'do -- think The Rachel -- many assume it's either a flashback or part of her standalone film.

As for the outfit itself, the green is likely a nod to her character's Kree origins, as well as the original suit worn by Mar-Vell (who will be played by Jude Law in the film). Concept art for the movie shown at both Comic-Con and D23 showed Larson in the now-famous red, blue and yellow outfit -- sash and all -- so fans can likely expect a costume change at some point.

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There were a few haters:

Others were cautiously optimistic:

But, mostly, people just excited to see what's to come: