Trump Fires Back at Jay-Z Over Black Unemployment and Twitter Explodes
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After Jay-Z said low black unemployment isn't the point -- it's about treating people like human beings -- Trump touted the nation's low black unemployment.

Donald Trump has fired up Twitter once again, sending Jay-Z to the top of the trends Sunday morning.

The music mogul was a guest on Van Jones' new CNN show, where he talked about race and racism in America. While he acknowledged that black unemployment is down (as unemployment is down overall) right now, he still had issues with the president's purported racism, exemplified by his alleged use of the word "shithole" to describe African nations and Haiti, which Jay-Z described as "disappointing."

"You treat people like human beings. That's the main point," Jay-Z said. "It goes back to the whole thing -- 'Treat me really bad and pay me well.' It's not going to lead to happiness." He said it's not about money, and saying it is misses the whole point. "Money doesn't equate to happiness."

Shortly after "Fox & Friends" aired a segment of the interview, Trump clapped back on Twitter. As usual, the social media platform was divided as Trump's supporters applauded him while the president's critics questioned why he remained silence when Eminem and other white critics called him out.

Trump clearly didn't see the whole interview, as his tweet actually fed into Jay-Z's argument. Trump touted the record low black unemployment, right after Jay-Z said focusing on employment misses the larger point entirely. But Jay-Z doesn't need to jump back into the fray. Twitter totally has his back. Here are some of the best responses to Trump's Jay-Z clapback.

Let's start with Van Jones, shall we?

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