Kim Kardashian's 'Bo Derek Braids' Met With Cries of Cultural Appropriation -- And Confusion From Lindsay Lohan
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The reality star angers black women by crediting a white woman for a traditionally African hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian debuted her blonde "Bo Derek braids" on Snapchat Sunday and was promptly slammed for cultural appropriation.

"So guys I did Bo Derek braids and I'm really into it," she said, referring to the white actress and model who was a pop culture icon in the '70s.

Her critics didn't necessarily mind the traditionally African cornrows on Kim, but rather that she credited the look to a white woman.

"I'm so tired with the whole Kim Kardashian does something ignorant, black women tell her, she feigns innocence and apologizes, and repeats the whole cycle 2 months later I'M T I R E D," one black woman tweeted . "If y'all don't know what's wrong with cultural appropriation at this point, it's not because you're uneducated, you're simply not listening when black women are telling you something."

Lindsay Lohan simply commented, "I am confused," to which the reality star clapped back: "You know what's confusing? Your sudden foreign accent."

This isn't the first time Kim has been dragged for racial insensitivity. It was just last summer that she was accused of wearing "blackface" in her KKW Beauty Line advertisement. The reality star later apologized and stated that she was just really tan at the time the photographs were taken so it could enhance the dramatic contour products that she was selling.

See a sampling of the most angry reactions below:

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