Helen Mirren Raps About 'A Woman's Worth' in 'Drop the Mic' Battle Against James Corden
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"Women are a force to be reckoned with and I reckon I wrecked you," the 72-year-old actress declares in rap battle.

Helen Mirren showed James Corden the definition of female empowerment during an epic "Drop the Mic" rap battle on "The Late Late Show" Tuesday night.

"Bow down, James. Bow down," the 72-year-old Oscar winner demanded before the beat was even dropped. "Kneel, baby. Kneel."

"We're not at home anymore," Corden quickly responded. "I'm the king in this studio."

In one of Corden's most entertaining rap battles to date, Mirren fired off no shortage of jaw-dropping disses: "Sorry James I’m not single, but you know I taught your little mister to tingle."

One of Corden's best verses came toward the end when he took a shot at her "royalty" status and her recent role in the "Fast and Furious" franchise.

"You're called British royalty, but clearly you're not. Even in Hollywood as a queen, Meghan Markle took your spot. You appeared in the last 'Fast and Furious' without warning, you turned the whole franchise into very slow and boring. It's a shame in 'Harry Potter' you never played a teacher and your role in 'James Bond,' wait, you weren't in that either. I'm sorry that I had to be the one to take you down, I just defeated a Queen, someone hand me my crown," Corden rapped.

But Mirren proved her competition prematurely declared victory when she fired back with this empowering message:

"You f-cked up, James. You desperate tater tot. A woman's worth isn't credits or who says she's hot," Mirren rapped. "Boys club, bullsh-t, I'm done with that crap, you're welcome for this headline: 'Helen Mirren Can Rap.' Compare me to Meryl, Judi, Maggie, but why? They're not my competition, they're my ride or die. See, women are a force to be reckoned with and I reckon I wrecked you, you've been to hell and back, b-tch."

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