J.K. Rowling Mutes Critics After 'Fantastic Beasts' Director Says Dumbledore Won't Be 'Explicitly' Gay
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"Why even bother with this film at all?" asks one fan.

Send your angry tweets elsewhere, because J.K. Rowling just put angry fans on mute after uproar over Dumbledore's sexuality in the next "Fantastic Beasts" film.

Twitter exploded on Wednesday, after director David Yates was asked whether the upcoming "Crimes of Grindewald" will make it clear the wizard (played by Jude Law) is gay. "Not explicitly," he told EW. "But I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other's ideas, and ideology and each other."

With the "Fantastic Beasts" sequel giving a glimpse into Dumbledore's younger life and his pursuit of the Dark wizard (played by Johnny Depp), it sure seemed like their twisted love story might hit the big screen. With Yates' update, fans revoted, sending messages towards Rowling herself on Twitter.

Rowling, who wrote the screenplay, was quick to point out that none of them have read it or know what she has planned for the three movies after.

Rowling first revealed she always thought of Dumbledore as gay in 2007, while promoting the last "Harry Potter" book. His sexuality was never addressed in any book, or in any of the films.

Here's a sampling of the angry tweets:

"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald" hits theaters November 16, 2018.