Jimmy Kimmel Dinner Sketch Proves Why It's a Slippery Slope to Deny Wedding Cake to Gay Couple
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"Our salad chef today is Tony and he believes homosexuality is a sin, so he won't be creating any of our salads for you," comedian tells lesbian in sketch.

Jimmy Kimmel continued his socially conscious comedy Thursday night by showcasing why it's wrong to deny the LGBTQ community a wedding cake through a powerful sketch.

The ABC late-night host kicked off the bit by explaining to his audience that a court in Kern County, California, ruled in the bakery's favor after they refused to make a cake for a lesbian wedding because it would violate the owner's Christian faith.

"Even though this, by the way, is one of the cakes on the bakery's Yelp page," Kimmel said over a photo of a pink cake covered in an edible black leather jacket. "This is a real cake they made. It's easily the gayest cake I've ever seen in my life and I've seen some gay cakes. That cake -- Elton John was wearing that cake in 1986 so it doesn't make a lot of sense."

But nonetheless, Kimmel pointed out that this bakery isn't the only one who is getting away with something that he believes is simply not right. In order to demonstrate the slippery slope of allowing religious beliefs to dictate who a business will serve, he portrayed a server waiting on a table with a lesbian customer.

"We have a few specials tonight, uh, before I list them I wanted to ask, does anyone have any food allergies? Any dietary restrictions? Are any of you gay?" Kimmel asked the table, prompting one woman to identify as gay.

"OK then I should let you know that you won't be enjoying any of our signature salads tonight," Kimmel said. "Our salad chef today is Tony and he believes homosexuality is a sin, so he won't be creating any of our salads for you."

"You know what? I'm not gay. I'll order you the salad," another man sitting at the table said.

"Oh no, you can't do that. You can't order for her," Kimmel said. "Well our owner Patricia is a Wiccan priestess and she won't allow men to order for women. She says it perpetrates the patriarchy."

Kimmel's bigoted server also denied a meal to a customer because he's Jewish, and when another customer offered to buy a steak for her date, Kimmel informed her that's highly offensive because "our chef is Hindu, cows are sacred to him."

"Then why is steak even on the menu?" the customer asked.

"It was a test, and you failed," Kimmel fired back. "Now get out, all of you -- Jew, gay, cow murderer, all of you get out of this restaurant, but come again soon."

The sketch is the latest in a string of bits Kimmel has done inspired by social injustice. When his baby boy was born last year and needed emergency surgery, the comedian realized how important access to healthcare is for every parent and child in the United States and urged lawmakers to provide funding for low income families.

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