Leslie Jones Offers the Best Winter Olympics Coverage Simply by Yelling at Her TV
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The "Saturday Night Live" star critiques skating outfits, marvels at powerful performances, is terrified of the luge and can't figure out what curling is.

Fans may be missing "Saturday Night Live" during NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics, but there's at least one performer they can still enjoy live: Leslie Jones is marathon live-tweeting her infectious excitement over the Olympics.

Jones first gained widespread attention in 2016 for her hilarious tweets in support of the Olympics and the American athletes. Her enthusiasm earned her an official spot as part of the NBC Olympics coverage team then, and is back again this year as an official NBC correspondent. But when she's not on TV, she's yelling at her TV and sharing it with her followers.

Jones' standard method is to record her television while she provides audio commentary of what she's watching, making her the most colorful color commentary personality possibly in history. And while many of her comments are decidedly NSFW, they are all hilarious and insightful and totally relatable. And she didn't limit herself to the athletes, offering commentary on the commentators themselves. No one was safe!

The commentators on television may be experts in their fields, but Leslie Jones is all of us! We've gathered some of her best commentary from her first weekend of Olympics coverage, but you can follow all her updates daily on her Twitter page.

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