Heather Graham: 'All This Sexual Harassment Worked Out Great for Me'
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The actress tells Jimmy Kimmel about how harassment she's experienced influenced her directorial debut.

Heather Graham's new romantic comedy "Half Magic" could not be hitting theaters at a better time in her mind.

While talking to Jimmy Kimmel Monday night about the the Feb. 23 release that covers "bad dating, harassment and sexism," she joked, "All this sexual harassment worked out great for me."

The hot topic may spark more interest in her movie, but Graham was not spared from misogynistic behavior during her time in Hollywood, explaining she has "been harassed a lot."

Her new movie is based on her previous relationships and negative dating experiences. Graham said the comedy has "a sexual harassment plot," which she wrote and directed before the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations dominated headlines.

"I kind of had to combine a lot of different harassment [experiences] into one," she said. "I feel like some of the guys that are getting on these charges, they're like, 'I never did that.' Do you think they really don't think they did that?"

And harassment isn't the only problem women face in Hollywood. They've been struggling for better representation on the screen, as well.

"Being a woman in Hollywood is hard because it's kind of sexist," Graham said. "I tried to make movies about women for a while, and people were saying, 'Nobody cares about women's stories. If you wanna get a movie made, write about a man.'"

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