Lala Kent Hopes 'Vanderpump Rules' Couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Split
'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Get Their Drink On

Bravo reality star also reveals her biggest regret from last season and where her friendship stands with James Kennedy.

Lala Kent held nothing back when she stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Monday night.

When a caller asked the "Vanderpump Rules" star if she thought her co-stars, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, would last, she said, "I really hope not."

"She's such an incredible person, and I really don't think he deserves her," Lala said. "I think he's a great guy, but he just needs to remain single."

On Monday night's explosive episode, Lala and James Kennedy got into a war of words regarding Lala's relationship, and it wasn't the first time the two have sparred this season.

"What does James Kennedy add to your life that you put up with all of his nonsense?" a caller asked Lala.

"You know what, my love, that is a great question," she replied. "And I have just recently realized nothing."

During another episode this season, Katie Maloney was told by Lisa Vanderpump's designer that her weight gain had gotten "out of control." Lala also famously made a comment to Katie about her weight during Season 5, which she told Andy Cohen is still her biggest regret.

"My biggest regret last season was body shaming a person, let alone a woman," Lala said. "And the fact that [Kevin Lee] felt comfortable enough to walk up to somebody -- it brought tears to my eyes when I saw that. If someone would have said that to me, someone would be bleeding. That is for sure."

"Katie, you're gorgeous, you're hot, I love that booty, don't listen to Kevin Lee, he doesn't know anything, tell him to fix his hair, please," she added.

Andy then asked Lala what she would do if her husband's excuse for allegedly cheating on her was that he was too drunk to remember the hookup. He accompanied the question with a photo of Katie and her hubby, Tom Schwartz, who Lala outed earlier in the season for drunkenly making out with her friend.

"Awww, but it's Schwartzy, and he's so sweet," she said. "If it were anyone else, I would kick them to the curb."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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