Twitter Cracks Up Over Ted Cruz's 'Simpsons' Reference Fail
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"He does know Lisa wins the Presidency, right?" writes one Twitter user.

Ted Cruz tried to use "The Simpsons" to prop up the Republican party on Thursday and it totally backfired.

"The Democrats are the party of Lisa Simpson and Republicans are happily the party of Homer, Bart, Maggie and Marge," Cruz said at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

His comment was in response to Ben Domenech from The Federalist comparing the gun control debate to a 1997 episode of the Fox series where Lisa says the Second Amendment "is a remnant from revolutionary days — it has no meaning today."

Shortly after the Texas Senator's remarks started to circulate through Twitter, the cartoon's showrunner Al Jean expressed his disapproval and made it clear Maggie wouldn't vote Republican.

"Ted Cruz says Maggie Simpson would vote for him. I think Ted's the one who could use a pacifier in his mouth," Jean tweeted. "The way things are going, even Mr. Burns is thinking of becoming a Democrat," he added.

The series is infamous for its predictions and even guessed in 2000 that Donald Trump would someday become president, before being succeeded by Lisa Simpson. This point was mentioned in quite a few of the tweets that went viral after Cruz's comments.

"Bart is named as an anagram for brat. Homer is a complete idiot. Maggie is a baby. Lisa becomes president as an adult and is actually Donald Trump's successor. I don't know who fed Ted Cruz that line, but they obviously don't watch 'The Simpsons,'" sports writer Brian Murphy said.

"My new conspiracy theory, which I believe with all my heart, is that Ted Cruz has never seen 'The Simpsons' and a staffer just read the Wikipedia page to him," New Republic reporter Sarah Jones added.

Keep reading to see how Twitter laughed and rolled its virtual eyes at the Texas senator.

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