How Michael Jackson Surprised 'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry During La Toya Reading
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The medium tells TooFab that La Toya Jackson got some closure about her brother's death.

Tyler Henry connected with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, while filming the third season of "Hollywood Medium" for E! -- and the legendary performer was nothing like he expected.

La Toya Jackson was one of the many celebrities the medium did readings for in Season 3, which also includes appearances from Megan Fox, Iggy Azalea, Jim Parsons and both David and Rosanna Arquette. And, according to Henry, it was definitely an eye-opening experience.

"What was so interesting is, during our initial reading, her grandparents came through, Michael did come through, they came through as a family," he explained to TooFab.

"I was expecting the Michael Jackson that I knew from television, the biggest pop star in the world, this big personality. But when he came through, it wasn’t that way at all," Henry continued. "He came across much like a brother would just trying to connect with his sister. He came through very private and very reserved, it wasn’t what I was expecting."

Henry said La Toya had some very specific questions about the death of her brother, who passed away at the age of 50 in 2009 following a propofol overdose.

"She didn't know what exactly happened in regards to her brother's passing," Henry said. "So to get that clarification of the chronology, who was around, how that transpired, allowed her to put things to rest that she really needed to."

The reality star said he believes fans will also get "a sense of closure" from the reading, which he says answers some big questions La Toya and many others have always wondered.

Another pair of stars who were connected to their late sibling were David and Rosanna Arquette, who communicated with their sister, Alexis.

"I'm a huge Patricia Arquette fan, I love 'Medium,'" Henry exclaimed. "So I was like, 'Oh my god, you're related to Patricia!"

"Alexis did come through. In that reading, they presented some of her paintings as objects," Henry added. "There's some really special validations. It was interesting reading two people as opposed to one, especially them being siblings."

Season 3 of "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" premieres Wednesday, February 28 on E!