Ellen DeGeneres Tortures Mandy Moore in Game of 'Why Is Mandy Crying?'
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Inside Mandy Moore's Stunning New Home

The "This Is Us" star struggles to say things like, "He bumped me with his burrito," while the comedian struggles to guess what she's saying.

Ellen DeGeneres had way too much fun torturing Mandy Moore on her show Thursday morning.

Since NBC tearjerker "This Is Us" is known to make its viewers cry, Ellen decided to play a little game called "Why Is Mandy Crying?" with the show's star.

The comedian handed Mandy a plastic thingamabob to insert into her mouth and gave her cue cards to read.

Watching Mandy struggle to say things like, "He bumped me with his burrito," is almost as funny as watching Ellen try to guess what the actress is saying.

"He humped you in his hernia?" Ellen guessed before moving onto the next challenge, "Britney Spears popped my balloon."

See how well that one went in the video below.

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