Twitter Can't Believe Someone Was Dumb Enough to Steal Frances McDormand's Oscar
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Don't worry, the Best Actresses in a Leading Role winner got it back.

Frances McDormand stole the night at the 90th Academy Awards with a powerful and inclusive speech after winning Best Actress for her work on "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." The actress and activist called for Hollywood to take notice of the women in the room and work with them. Later that night, though, someone took notice of her Oscar and stole it away from her.

In a weird confluence of events involving a New York Times reporter, Wolfgang Puck's photographer and the work of local security and law enforcement, the Oscar was returned and the man arrested (he's now facing felony charges of grand larceny). But that wasn't to be the end of it, as social media got a hold of the story on Monday morning and couldn't believe the audacity of someone stealing from McDormand, of all the winners.

The man, identified as Terry Bryant, was captured in a photograph, and took video of himself holding the Oscar, according to TMZ, before the photographer got the Oscar back and it was able to be returned to McDormand. At the time, the actress said to let the man go.

The consensus online, where Twitter users got "Frances McDormand's Oscar" trending Monday morning, was that the thief is lucky the authorities caught him. Frances McDormand is a force of nature and righteous fury in "Three Billboards," and her passionate activism as herself isn't far removed from that personification. The bottom line, as far as Twitter was concerned, was that this man was a fool who took his life into his own hands when he messed with the wrong woman.

Below are some of the funniest reactions to Grand Theft Oscar 2018:

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