Why Meghan McCain Checked Out of the Oscars After That Mike Pence Joke
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How many political jokes are too many? The women of 'The View' weigh in.

Meghan McCain didn't make it too far into the Oscars on Sunday night, changing the channel after Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue.

The host's political jabs were the first topic of the day on "The View," where the women all had a different take on how much commentary they prefer during their award shows.

"I feel like I'm the Debbie Downer on this show. I really tried to watch because I promised all of you I would try," said Republican panelist McCain. "I just want to know, do you care about Trump supporters watching? If you're just like, 'Screw Trump supporters, they don't need to watch award shows,' great."

"But I thought the Mike Pence stuff, the Fox News stuff, but it all feels so political all the time and it feels very anti-Trump and anti-Republican," she continued. "We all know Hollywood is predominantly filled with liberals but it would just be nice if we could take a beat on politics, we're all so ensconced in it."

"I made it to the Pence joke and I was like, ok, the Kardashians are on," she added. ICYMI, during the telecast, Kimmel said, "We don't make films like 'Call Me by Your Name' to make money. We make them to upset Mike Pence."

After Joy Behar said "it's impossible" to not joke about Donald Trump, because "he's too hilarious," guest co-host Ana Navarro said she didn't think there were enough jabs at his expense during the show.

"I actually was watching for more Trump jokes, more NRA messages, more of that stuff. I was actually disappointed," she said. "I think a lot of people even before the Oscars began were talking about how insufferable the Oscars were going to be because they were going to be so political. There was a lot of preamble to the Oscars. If you don't want to listen to that, watch something else."

Eventually, McCain conceded that there "are definitely things about Trump that are hilarious" and "worthy of satire."

"It's so much all the time," she continued. "I got it, I know exactly where our comedians stand for the most part politically."

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