Every Dude in Hollywood Who's Been Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Van Barnes is the second woman to accuse the "Transparent" star, who has been fired from the Amazon series and denies both claims.

One of the women accusing former "Transparent" star Jeffrey Tambor of sexual harassment came forward with her full story in an interview with Megyn Kelly on "Today" Wednesday morning.

Van Barnes worked as an assistant for Tambor for two years and revealed that aside from constantly asking for sex, Tambor had also watched her sleeping in the nude.

"Continually I was always harassed. It ran the gamut of sexual harassment, physical harassment and verbal abuse constantly," Barnes told Kelly. "And this all falls really under this problem Hollywood has right now with this abuse of power and misogyny with people who are in power."

Tambor has denied all allegations from Barnes, as well as "Transparent" co-star Trace Lysette. He was let go from the Amazon series after an internal investigation. The show, of which he played the lead role of transgender woman Maura, intends to continue without him. Both Barnes and Lysette are also transgender women.

Barnes said she was initially drawn to working for Tambor because of the subject matter of "Transparent," and that her being transgender is one of the reasons she endured his harassment for so long. "Breaking into the industry, it takes a lot of oomph. Not everyone is really open to having a transgender person working for them," she said. "They don’t all understand our plight."

Barnes said that Tambor would ask her to have sex with him up to three times a week, despite her protestations that she was married. Finally, she told him that she wasn't comfortable with her body. "He said, Well, I’m comfortable with your body. I’ve seen you naked.'"

When she asked him when he'd seen her naked, Barnes said that Tambor told her it was when they were temporarily living together when they first started working together. "He said that in the middle of the night he actually watched me sleep," Barnes told Kelly. "I said, ‘You did? What did I look like?’ And he said, 'You were naked.' I was like, ‘Oh really?’ I was still thinking like is he joshing me, is he joking me about this or something. I said, 'Well what did I look like,' again and he said, ‘Well you sleep with one arm over your head.’ That’s violating. It’s so creepy. This is a man I put my trust in."

When asked if Tambor getting fired was satisfactory for her complaint, Barnes said, "Partially. Him being fired is just in a male-driven Hollywood. He brought this on himself."

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