Bill Maher Says Trump Meeting With Kim Jong-un Is 'So Crazy It Just Might Work'
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The "Real Time" host says they even have the same interests: "flattery, celebrity, tyranny, daddy issues, overeating issues, problematic family members and inexplicable hair."

Bill Maher thinks President Donald Trump's agreement to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong-un is "so crazy, it just might work."

"Kim Jong-un of North Korea yesterday told South Korea that he is willing to meet with the leader of the United States, but Putin wasn't available, so Trump's going," Maher joked on "Real Time" Friday night.

Although the comedian is stoked for "fat man and little boy" to finally meet, he does have some hesitations: "We're talking about, after all, a family that has reneged on every deal they ever signed -- and Kim Jong-un can't be trusted either."

Although U.S. presidents in the past have attempted to reach some sort of middle ground with the isolated state, Maher is convinced that "this could be the one thing that Trump is uniquely qualified to pull off."

"Kim and him -- Rocket Man and Rain Man -- are mirror images," Maher said. "In a weird way, they respect and like each other. Trump said he's a smart cookie. They have the same interests: flattery, celebrity, tyranny, they both have daddy issues and overeating issues and problematic family members and inexplicable hair. They both love missile parades and they both lie on their golf scores. And one day you see staff members working for them, and the next day they disappear."

The famously liberal late-night host also took shots at like-minded progressives for trying to use this meeting as another excuse to hate on Trump.

"All these liberals who are reflexively hating on this, A) Obama—remember him? Proposed the exact same thing in 2008 and they loved it, and B) you know, f-ck you, you don’t live on the west coast where a nuke can get here faster than an Uber from North Korea," Maher said.

The episode also featured a guest appearance from Kathy Griffin -- whose career took a nosedive after posing with a fake, bloody decapitated Trump head.

After thanking Maher for "being one of the first and only people to publicly say what happened to me was bullshit," she was asked if she'd still take the picture if she could do it all over again.

"I'd do Mike Pence," she joked before exclaiming, "I’m kidding! 10 months I’ve waited to do that joke!"

Watch the video below to see her describe her legal struggle with the Department of Justice, which was quite serious.

"It cost me a lot of money, of course, but at least we were able to negotiate the interrogation happening in my attorney's office. But just being told, you could leave in cuffs, and it came straight from the DOJ and the White House. And that's the administration we have now, so that's what I am here to talk about. I really believe that it happened to me, and I really believe it could happen to you and other people, or other people's kids or relatives. It could happen, it's gotten crazy."

"Everything that was unthinkable two years ago is thinkable now: dictatorship, fascism," Maher responded. "All those kinds of things. Nuclear war, nothing is off the table."

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