'RHOBH' Star Teddi Mellencamp Responds to Meghan McCain Calling Her 'Boring' (Exclusive)
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The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" newcomer tells TooFab, "I take boring as a compliment."

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" newcomer Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is firing back at Meghan McCain for calling her "boring" -- but she's doing it in the most Teddi way possible.

"I would never comment on how I think Meghan McCain does at her job," Teddi told TooFab during a recent interview. "I just wouldn't. That's not my place. I'm about empowering other women to be the best they can be."

Last month on "Watch What Happens Live," Andy Cohen asked Meghan -- an advid "Housewives" fan -- about her thoughts on Teddi, John Mellencamp's daughter.

"I don't like her," McCain replied. "She's boring. Please stop hiring people because they have famous last names, and I say that as a woman with a famous last name. I just find her so boring, no offense."

Teddi took to Twitter while the show was airing to say, "Be right back, changing my last name to Boring." But in all seriousness, she said she took the jab in stride.

"I take boring as a compliment," Teddi told TooFab. "I truly do, because if anybody is such a show all the time, that's probably not their authentic self. Most of us are pretty boring. I love my life, and regardless of what my last name is, I think in every friend group, there's gotta be balance."

So why did Teddi decide to join "RHOBH" Season 8?

"I'm a person that always wants to grow and learn and get outside my comfort zone," she said. "The chance to be able to be with a bunch of smart, great women that I could learn from was appealing to me."

Teddi also said she saw the show as an opportunity to give her accountability coaching business a platform.

"With my business, I think it's a big message to share that you're able to change your life, to change your health and fitness and wellness without spending a bunch of money," she explained. "I'm able to talk about my job and how you don't always have to have a personal trainer. You can go out on a walk and change your life. And I live that lifestyle. I show it on the show, and that's something that is very dear to me."

In order to prepare to film her first-ever reunion, Teddi's watched nearly every "Housewives" reunion episode of every franchise.

"I had never watched the show prior to doing it because I didn't wanna have preconceived notions about anyone," she said. "But since we finished filming, I've pretty much cleared all the reunions now. Doesn't matter what city you live in -- I've probably seen it."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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