James Corden and Shaggy Turn 'Wasn't Me' Into Parody of Robert Mueller's Trump Investigation
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Shaggy's 18-year-old song has never sounded so relevant.

James Corden aired one of late-night TV's best Donald Trump parodies yet Wednesday night.

The "Late Late Show" host teamed up with Shaggy to put a political twist on the reggae star's 2000 hit "Wasn't Me," basically turning it into a musical imagining Special Counsel Robert Mueller (Corden) interrogating Trump (Shaggy, obviously) about Russian collusion.

The music goes along with the subject so well, it's a miracle no one beat Corden to the punch yet.

Gems include a reference to those Russian bots that flooded Twitter during the election to the deepen the divide in America, as well as a verse about the alleged pee tape described in the Russian dossier that made headlines before Trump was elected.

I want to know who conspired (It wasn’t me)/ With Russian bots who were hired (It wasn’t me)/ Treason may have transpired (It wasn’t me)/ I think your pants are on fire

Hey shall we talk about the pee tape? (It wasn’t me)/ We’ve got a copy on replay (It wasn’t me)/ And our mouths were just agape (It wasn’t pee)/ I mean, my god--it’s the pee tape (It wasn’t pee)

Watch the very entertaining music video above. Shaggy's new Netflix film, "Game Over, Man!", drops March 23.

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