Lil Dicky Swaps Bodies With Chris Brown in Epic (and Probably Offensive) 'Freaky Friday' Music Video
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Lil Dicky is stoked when he wakes up as the "light-skinned black" singer -- covered in tattoos, surrounded by beautiful models and very well-endowed.

This might just be the greatest music video of the year -- and it's only March.

Lil Dicky teamed up with Chris Brown to bring us "Freaky Friday," and it's everything you didn't know you needed. In the 5-minute vid, Dicky and Brown switch bodies, courtesy of a magical fortune cookie from a server at a Chinese restaurant.

When Dicky wakes up as the "light-skinned black" singer, he's stoked to discover he's covered in tattoos, surrounded by beautiful models and -- well -- very well-endowed.

One of the braver moments of the tongue-in-cheek song about the celebrity switcheroo comes when Dicky revels in the newfound social acceptance of using the N-word -- which he proceeds to drop a lot. But perhaps inevitable backlash will be subdued by the fact that the slur is coming through in the voice of Chris Brown. (We'll keep an eye on Twitter and report back on how many people this part pisses off. So far, everyone seems down with the joke.)

Brown, on the other hand, wakes up pleased to learn he can now wear blue (the singer is a Blood gang member) and that no one judges him for his "controversial past."

At the end of the video, Dicky and Brown have a dance-off before Dicky is transformed once again into Ed Sheeran, then into DJ Khaled, then into Kendall Jenner.

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