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New entry into the "rich people problems" log: being the face of foreign erectile dysfunction advertisements without your consent.

Jimmy Kimmel unveiled Zach Braff's unknown side hustle: helping Russians strengthen their boners.

While the actor was promoting his new sitcom on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Thursday, the ABC late-night host brought up several Russian ads featuring Braff's picture.

"Yeah, this keeps happening to me," Braff said after Kimmel showed his audience a computer repair ad.

"'Scrubs' was very popular in Russia and the Ukraine. And they've been using my face in ads for years over there," Braff said. "I don't think they think anyone's going to walk down the street and be like 'Hey, copyright infringement!'"

Kimmel then held up another flyer, one that he said was "perhaps actionable." It featured a friendly Braff in his "Scrubs" uniform standing by a phone number.

"This has been translated for me," Braff said. "And it pretty much says like 'If you're penis isn't working, I'll help you. Call this number.'"

The revelation prompted Kimmel to ask, "Are you at all worried that Robert Mueller will subpoena you to be a part of the investigation?"

"Only if he needs help with his boner," Braff said.

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