Why 'Will & Grace' Stars Don't Want a Trump Cameo and Which Celebrity Guest Had Biggest Entourage
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Even Megan Mullally, who plays the super-conservative Karen Walker, doesn't think POTUS' presence on set "would be a good idea."

In its 20-year span, "Will & Grace" has had over 100 celebrity guest appearances -- including ones by Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna -- but according to the stars of the NBC sitcom, President Donald Trump is not welcome.

Despite the sitcom's humorous take on politics, Debra Messing, who plays Grace Adler, says "it's not a political show."

"It's not the platform for us to be asking him questions. That would be a space for someone else," Messing told TooFab at PaleyFest L.A. on Saturday night. "But we certainly are having fun being provocative the way 'Will & Grace' always has been with what's happening today in politics. If you go back years ago when we had lots of comments about [Barack] Obama when he was the president -- I mean, this is just what we do."

Even Megan Mullally, who plays the super-conservative Karen Walker, says she doesn't think Trump's presence on set "would be a good idea."

When asked about the hardest part about playing a conservative on TV when she's a liberal in real life, Mullally sarcastically told TooFab, "You know how many incredibly admirable qualities Karen has -- this is just another."

Trump may not necessarily be on the cast's radar, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sure is -- at least for Sean Hayes, who plays Jack McFarland.

"It's a good idea, right? Why not?" Hayes said. "Unexpected."

Regarding which celebrity guest has had the biggest entourage on set, Messing revealed that "back in the day, it was J.Lo."

Messing, Mullally and Hayes also dished on their favorite "Will & Grace" episodes to date. Check out TooFab's video above to find out what they said.

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