'Real Housewives' Most Sizzling Selfies

The "RHOBH" star spills on everything from her reality show to threesomes in her brand new tell-all.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Erika Girardi detailed her rise to fame in her new memoir, "Pretty Mess," and TooFab pulled just a few of the book's most tantalizing tales.

Starting with her humble beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia, and chronicling her transformation into club diva extraordinaire and reality TV star, the tell-all touches on her troubled family life growing up, her first marriage and son, the creation of her on-stage alter-ego Erika Jayne and her 19-year marriage with Tom Girardi.

She also shared some behind-the-scenes gossip from "RHOBH" and her ill-fated stint on "Dancing with the Stars," copped to getting a nose job and breast implants, and revealed the details about her one and only "same-sex encounter."

Keep reading for six must-read passages from the book, out now, and be sure to order the full thing here!

Losing Her V-Card

Jayne detailed her first time in the book, revealing she lost her virginity to a high school boyfriend named Jonathan when she was a teenager.

"I lost my virginity to him when I was fourteen. We were in his bedroom at his parents' house and the Eagles' 'Hotel California' was playing on the stereo," she wrote. "He wasn't a virgin, but he wanted to be a gentleman and not push me. I was ready and I had to convince him of that."

"Jonathan is still a great guy," she added, "and we are in touch to this day."

Her Go-Go Dancing Years

After moving from Georgia to NYC, Erika and one of her friends began go-go dancing at clubs around New Jersey. In her brook, she made it clear these establishments were not strip clubs.

"There were no lap dances or glamorous champagne rooms or anything like that. This was just dancing in a microbikini and talking to the guys -- all blue-collar dudes after work -- for their extra singles," she said. "I wish it had been something exciting like that, but none of that was happening in suburban New Jersey ... This was way before my boob job, so I was small and natural."

She added that a lot of the dance moves she used back in the day are the same ones she uses now as her on-stage persona.

Ménage à Trois Time

The reality star detailed a "three-way situation" she had one year on Valentine's Day with an ex and his wife.

"There's only one time I had a same-sex encounter. To be fair, it was more of a three-way situation," she wrote. "An ex-boyfriend I kept in touch with had married an acquaintance of mine. He was about six feel tall, muscular, educated and professional. She was a light-skinned Caribbean beauty with golden highlights in her dark hair. They were a handsome couple."

After grabbing dinner together, the three of them all went back to the couple's place and "had quite the memorable Valentine's Day."

"It was a very positive experience, I had a great time with the two of them, and it satisfied my curiosity," she added.

Her Love Story with Tom

After her first marriage failed, Erika took off for Los Angeles to get herself settled, while co-parenting her son with her ex. Her life changed for the better once she met Tom Girardi, a lawyer 33 years her senior, while working at Chasen's.

"What really attracted me to him was the way that he interacted with people. This man treats everyone with respect. Everybody loved Tom," she said. After working at the restaurant for a year she decided to "slip" Tom her number. "Everything kind of fell into place, and we gelled immediately ... When someone is positive, successful, loving, inspirational -- I gotta tell you right now, that shit is seductive. That is more enticing to me than six-pack abs and a chiseled jawline."

When they got engaged, he made it clear he didn't want to wear a wedding band, to which she did not object. The two also never got a prenup. "It never came up. let's be serious, Mr. Girardi knows the law so well that a prenup is not going to do shit," she explained. "As any lawyer will tell you, there is always a way around a prenup, even if you think it is ironclad."

He supported her desire to become a pop star and even attended her first gig as Erika Jayne, at a San Francisco sex party called the Nymphomaniac's Ball.


After performing the club circuit for years as Erika Jayne, she had all but hung up her alter-ego before "Real Housewives" came a calling.

"I thought it was time to hang up my catsuits and settle back into the quiet life of being the wife of a successful attorney," she said. "The return on investment wasn't making sense anymore ... The whole process was beginning to feel a bit rote."

Jayne was friends with Yolanda Hadid, who was the one who suggested she join "RHOBH." Though neither Erika or her husband had ever watched the show, she tried out and landed the job almost immediately. "I will always have a soft spot for Kyle [Richards], because she was so kind to me on that first day. She has been on the show forever. She could have been a real bitch if she wanted to."

"When you sign your name on that paper, you'd better be prepared to look like a fool, to be made an idiot, and now to be shown in your best light. It's an inevitability," she said of being on the show.

Addressing her infamous blowup at Eileen Davidson in Hong Kong, she said, "There comes a point in every Housewives' life that the frustration takes over. Each personality expresses itself in a different way: some yell, some cry, some get mad, some get quiet ... I felt I wasn't being heard and that what I was trying to say had morphed into something else. That's what I exploded on Eileen when she said something so innocent."

She also said there's a lot of "self-preservation" behind the scenes. "Some people will keep your secrets and look out for you. Some wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire," she said. "And I'm not just talking about my cast. That's a reoccurring theme among the Housewives of every city."

"Dancing with the Stars" Drama

Erika competed on "DWTS" in 2017, with partner Gleb Savchenko, an experience that clearly took its toll.

First, she wasn't thrilled with judge Len Goodman called one of her performances "too raunchy," then, she started reading some of the online comments. "I know the first rule of the internet is never to read the comments, but it seemed like a lo of people wanted me to fail. They enjoyed seeing it," she said.

She saw her time on the show coming to an end when she was cast as a fish during the show's Disney week.

"I wanted to be a villainess or a princess. I could identify with anything but Dory, the fish who can't find her way home," she said. "As soon as we got that assignment, I knew the die was cast. They were going to help me find my way home."

"The biggest lesson I learned from the whole experience is that there is such a thing as being too much woman. There is," she said. "What they want is cute: cute smiles, dainty figures. Eirka Jayne is a lot of things, but no one will ever call her 'cute.'"

That being said, she added she'd be totally game for an all-stars season.

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