Lindsay Lohan Makes Fun of Her DUI-Filled Past in Commercial
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Lohan has a laugh at her own expense in the new ad.

What better spokesperson for a lawyer-finding website than someone who's had her day in court with quite a few of them, right?

Lindsay Lohan was announced as the newest face of on Tuesday, fronting a new commercial for the attorney and law firm database that dropped earlier today on YouTube.

In the extremely tongue-in-cheek clip, Lohan addressed her many, many run-ins with the law and poked fun at her troubled history.

"When first reached out to me, I was confused and a little scared because I thought I was in trouble," she said. "But when they asked me be their spokesperson, I was intrigued. After meeting with the team I realized is just about helping people, from getting a DUI -- let's not pretend I didn't get one, or two, or three, or some others -- it's so simple and it's free."

Over the last decade, Lohan routinely had trouble staying on the up and up, with a string of arrests from driving under the influence to shoplifting. She spent time in rehab, on house arrest and even behind bars.

Lohan addressed her wilder years in a recent Wendy Williams interview.

"Being in public, a lot of pressure was on a lot. I didn't know how to have a private life because I was too young, running around too much and surrounding myself with people I probably shouldn't have been around, there for the lifestyle," she said in January. "I wouldn't blame anyone for anything in my life."

She added that she doesn't keep in contact with "any of the people I hung out with Los Angeles" anymore and said, "I just don't recommend drinking and driving ever."

"I was never really a partier. Just because I was seen out at clubs, made some mistakes, they didn't take the best shots of me. I don't like to bring up and rehash the past," she said, after Williams made her do just that.

"I'd rather stay focused on what I want to do next. Whenever people bring up past things I experiences and gone through, like jail, working at the morgue, which is actually really traumatizing stuff," she continued. "But then it distracts from actually, maybe meeting with people to do Batgirl, doing a 'Mean Girls 2,' it really distracts people and they only think about the negative."

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