See Megan Fox's Look-Alike Mom!

"Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry connects Megan Fox with someone whose issue she didn't expect to be brought up so soon, or so clearly.

This certainly wasn't what Megan Fox expected when she sat down with "Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry.

In a preview clip from Wednesday's new episode of the popular E! series, Fox gets a message from the other side about her mother, Gloria, who is very much still alive.

"Weird. For some reason they're having me refer to your mom," Henry said. "This is feels like transitional. They're putting this like over the course of...for some reason like the next month. They're having me like acknowledge like transition, movement, change."

In a confessional, Fox admitted her surprise and explained what was really going on.

"I wasn't anticipating him picking up so much from my mom. And that is a situation that literally just happened -- I think it was two days ago, she started transitioning out of a relationship," the actress explained.

Seems someone wanted to motivate Gloria, whom Fox says is "really relationship-based," to launch her new life. Gloria may not just be moving out of a relationship, because Fox said she "wouldn't be surprised" if her mom moved towards her.

"They are having me acknowledge her, reminding her of her independence. And it's coming from her side of family," Henry said. "It's like 'Don't forget your ability to be independent, you can do things on your own, you don't have to stay in a situation because of another person or other people.' It's basically saying like feel free to make this move and that she needs to know this and have like that confidence."

"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Wednesdays on E!

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